Friday, August 21, 2015

Hunt for Red Lobster/The Eats

In the course of a week cruising in Maine with Bruce and Joan Kessler aboard Spirit of Zopilote, we had a chance to eat at all their favourite restaurants in their favourite harbours. The excellent lobster dinner above took place in the Lunt Harbor Dockside Deli. Three photos also following. Click on any image for a larger view.

In Buck's Harbor, we dined in the elegant Buck's Harbor Restaurant, where humour abounds:

The dish is called Lazyman's Lobster. So fresh, so sweet, so tasty!

The Admirals had their say: Bruce and I had to share a divine chocolate mousse.

Another Lazyman's Lobster Roll, this one at Camden Deli in Camden.

Fish and chips to die for, in Atlantica in Camden.

Also at Atlantica, the first Maine scallops of the season.

More Maine scallops, in a dish called Bikini Bottom (Can you see it?), at Café Miranda in Rockland.

Haddock fish cakes, at Café Miranda.

In the evening in Rockland, Bruce and Joan took us to In Good Company for a memorable meal:
Because woman does not live by seafood alone, the tenderest beef tenderloin dressed with a dollop of blue cheese.

Who knew there was halibut in the Atlantic? Served with style at In Good Company.

The best app yet: Roasted garlic with melted brie on a freshly baked baguette.

On our first evening in Maine, before we met up with the Kesslers, we struck out on our own—with the help of Trip Advisor—and discovered a lobster shack called Travelin' Lobster:
It didn't look like much . . .

. . . but the lobster was ever so sweet.

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South of Heaven said...

That is the way to eat lobster! In the great outdoors and not worrying about making a mess. Looks good!

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