Friday, July 4, 2008

Best ribs ever, at Mustang’s Big Ol’ Grill

Ed, the taxi driver we met in Jordan, was absolutely right.

The ribs at Mustang’s Big Ol’ Grill in Stoney Creek are indeed the fall-off-the-bone variety. More than that, when you try to pick up a rib with your fingers, the bone pulls cleanly out of the meat, just like a toothpick would, leaving a big pile of tasty pork on your plate, with abundant sauce and just enough fat to make you lick your lips and pat your belly.

Peter and Leslie Elliott run the restaurant in Stoney Creek and another similar one in Mississauga. We gave him greetings from Ed and prodded him for the secret to his fabulous ribs. He’d only say the ribs are prepared in a marinade, slow-cooked for a couple of hours, then kept in a cooler until they are grilled to order for each customer. In other words, no real clue as to why they are the best ribs we’ve ever had. Our server shown in the photo was cheerful Lisa—who has never tried the ribs at her place of employment!

As if we had room for dessert, we forged ahead and ordered the apple crisp made by Peter’s mum. It comes warm, of course, and we requested chocolate ice cream on the side. What a taste treat! Especially for the Captain who remembers how an old sailor in the now defunct Cornwallis Hotel in Halifax told him when he was only 15 that chocolate ice cream was the only a la mode suitable for apple pie or crisp.

If you’re ever near Stoney Creek, Mustang’s Big Ol’ Grill is not to be missed.

It’s a 30-minute walk from Newport Yacht Club and Marina where Jack, the manager, is friendly and helpful, and the washrooms and showers are spotless.

Right now, the entrance to the harbour, guarded by King Neptune, has silted and shallows to six feet at the narrowest point. Next week dredging starts so soon Newport will be easily accessible by any boat, sail or power.

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