Thursday, September 16, 2010

Port Dalhousie to Fifty Point

Monday September 13, 1100 hours
Fifty Point Yacht Club

The weather forecast indicates wind building in the wrong direction in the afternoon; thus, we have a quick breakfast of Kashi Crunch cereal and head across to DYC to pump out and pay for the third night. Cost of the pump-out is $20.00.

It’s another perfect day on Lake Ontario for the Admiral. It is flat and calm. It’s also a hot, sunny day with temperatures 26C in the shade.

An apple a day keeps the Captain, above, feeling hearty.

Fifty Point Yacht Club is located in the Fifty Point Conservation Area operated by the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority. It is an 80-hectare conservation area with a sandy beach, playing fields, fishing pond, modern campgrounds, restaurant and marina.

Fairport Yacht Club has reciprocals with Fifty Point Yacht Club. First day is free. Additional nights are at $1.57 per foot. We are here for two nights at slip #20.

Fifty Point Marina is a delightful place to lay over for two days on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

Lunch is double-smoked bacon and eggs with toasted light caraway rye. The bacon was purchased from Scheffler’s Deli & Cheese in the St. Lawrence Market.

We get on our bikes to check out the conservation area. Admiral is a little nervous riding the trails that are close to the water’s edge but otherwise we do just fine.

BBQ’ing is not permitted on boats, but there are communal grills to share. Dinner is perfectly grilled pork chops, green peas and garlic/tomato/green onions couscous.

It’s been such a balmy night sitting outside, we don’t realize the time. We finally return to At Last! at 9:30 p.m.

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