Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hunt for Red Lobster/Introduction

Spirit of Zopilote preparing to depart Southwest Harbour, Maine. Click on any image for a larger view.

We’re cruising Maine waters aboard Spirit of Zopilote, the perfect passagemaker developed by Bruce and Joan Kessler after their circumnavigation of the world with the original Zopilote, a custom Delta 70.

The Kesslers circumnavigated the world with the original Zopilote.

SoZ is a gorgeous 62.5 feet overall, the prototype for a line of ocean-going trawler yachts built by Northern Marine in Anacortes, Washington.

Here’s an introduction to the Kesslers, as published in Soundings:

Flags of the countries visited by the original Zopilote.

Here’s a great deal of information about the yacht, as published in PassageMaker Magazine:

You can see our location by following the track of Spirit of Zopilote here:

Bruce Kessler enters and departs harbours and anchorages driving from the flying bridge.

Joan Kessler, first mate and deck boss, explains how things are done aboard Spirit of Zopilote.

Bruce and guest return to the mother ship in Buck's Harbor.

Even after a circumnavigation and many miles in his wake, Bruce still likes to have a checklist at the helm.

Bruce discusses ways to improve the interface between GPS and chart plotter with Ben Ellison, the electronics guru, who visited in Camden.

Plaque plays tribute to the original Zopilote: "May her spirit live on."

Hunt for Red Lobster is the name we have given this holiday as the Admiral and me have not been down to the sea for fresh seafood for too many years. We aim to make up for the omission over the next two weeks, first in Maine, then on Grand Manan.

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