Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paradise found at Camelot Island: 1000 Islands Cruise Day 4

We can’t believe our luck! We have the sweetest anchorage anyone could want all to ourselves. It’s a quiet cove on the southeast corner of Camelot Island where we are shielded by rock and forest on three sides, with a view out to the channel and across the U.S. border to Grindstone Island and a palatial summer home. Next to us is Netley Island, a small, private island, where several cottages are nestled among the trees.

In the cove, the water is so still we won’t know we’re sleeping on a boat tonight. The water is so clear the Captain can see the anchor setting in the light sand as the Admiral backs down At Last! (Meaning she has the throttles in reverse to set the anchor.)

The Captain tests the temperature of the water announces tomorrow we might swim. Fat chance, says the Admiral.

Before long, the seductive sound of Zamfir’s pan flute fills the air.

At app time, we open a chilled bottle of Segura Viudas cava brut reserva, given to us by Marty and Annabel at the christening, and treat ourselves to smoked oysters and smoked mussels. As dusk descends, the Captain gets busy in the galley. The plan is to caramelize an onion to sweeten a pile of cremini mushrooms that have been sauteed in garlic butter, and then to smother a nicely marbled ribeye steak that we picked up at the Block & Cleaver in Kingston. Dessert will be down-home-style pecan butter tarts from Wolfe Island Bakery.

What a feast and what a location as light rain patters on the pilothouse roof!

The Admiral bangs away at the Mac to record the latest happenings aboard At Last!

Have we mentioned we are eating well?

During our lay day on the hook at Camelot Island, we spot, to our delight, the name of Attilio Labriola, husband of the Admiral’s childhood friend Ruby, in a newspaper we have with us. Attilio, an interior designer, has been recognized for his work on the Renfrew County Courthouse.

After refueling at Gan (local talk for Gananoque), we encounter a pair of tugs hauling sewage.

On our departure from Kingston, we pass the Royal Military College.

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