Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the hook in Aquatic Park

Soon after arriving in Aquatic Park, where about 100 boats are moored, the Captain enjoys an afternoon Newcastle Brown Ale while awaiting his grilled-Limburger sannich. Click on any image in the blog for a larger view.

Friday September 17 1400 hours
Aquatic Park

The skies are bright blue this morning, a welcome sight after rainy yesterday.
A clear blue sky is all we see above the impressive clubhouse at Port Credit Yacht Club.

Our plan is to head towards the Toronto Islands for the last two nights of our cruise.

Captain takes one last bike ride on the trails around PCYC, and to pick up water, fresh bread and a cappuccino mix. Meanwhile, Admiral gets the boat ready for departure.

It’s a smooth ride to the Islands. We decide to anchor out in the basin southwest of the Aquatic Park Sailing Club, which is on the north shore of the Leslie Street Spit bordering Tommy Thomson Park. Facilities are minimal and access to the essentials is difficult, but the basin is a quiet spot to spend a night.

In one direction, we have panoramic view of the Toronto skyline. In the other is the mooring field of the sailing club. Off the bow, a cove full of birds. Behind us if a fishery pond of some sort and the Leslie Street Spit, popular with birders, bikers and runners.
The Admiral has outdone herself with Limburger grilled-cheese sandwiches that we devour in quick time.

We arrive in time for lunch of a buttery grilled-cheese sandwich, made with the last of the Limburger cheese along with thinly sliced English cucumbers. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a sliver or two of garlic pork liver pate on the remaining toasts.

We enjoy the 360-degree view from our cockpit. All is quiet and still in the basin. The only noises are the sounds of the different birds in the trees. Great place for bird-watching but we forgot our bird book.

For dinner, the Admiral makes home-made wild sockeye salmon cakes with lemon and green onion faux aioli with a green salad.
The Admiral's own salmon cakes are a superb way to close a super day on At Last!

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