Saturday, September 18, 2010

From bikini babes to great grilled cheese

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit North it was not but a pleasant diversion nevertheless. Click on this or any image in the blog for a larger view.

Saturday September 18 1000 hours
Aquatic Park

We wake up to another sunny day in paradise.

It’s so quiet and peaceful here. While enjoying our leisurely breakfast of eggs with bacon, home-fried potatoes and rye toast, we decide to stay in the anchorage for our last night. The original plan was a possible return to the public mooring wall on Centre Island.

But wait! Who’s that coming into the basin? We watch a sailboat about 50 feet enter the basin and drop anchor nearby. There are several people aboard. We are thinking, there goes our peace and quiet. But, lo, out comes a slender young woman in a bikini. It’s a photo shoot! In fact, there are several young women in swimsuits aboard. The Captain rushes out to the cockpit with his binoculars and camera. Not the type of view you would normally expect in an anchorage.

A short while later, the Captain’s heart rate rises again when a highly modified Tomcat 6.2 named “Basket Case” sails out of the club moorings. The TomCat 6.2 is a sailing cat unrelated to our Tomcat.

It's a highly modified TomCat 6.2 sailing catamaran but unrelated, except by name, to our own TomCat 24.
Catamaran means At Last! has two hulls and a stable stance on the water, the result of boat design that harkens back thousands of years to Polynesians in the South Pacific.

We enjoy grilled cheese two ways: St. Albert Extra Old cheddar (above) and St. Albert Extra Old with Rosenborg Danish blue (below).

With all this action, we have a late lunch of grilled-cheese sandwiches two ways. One with St. Albert Extra Old cheddar and the second, a combination of the St. Albert and Rosenborg Danish blue cheese. The latter, the spunkier of the two, is our favourite.

Time for the Captain to nap and then kayak around the basin.

The Captain takes Finally!, the Puffin Saco 12, for a paddle around Aquatic Park.

Dinner tonight is grilled pork sausages, peaches and cream corn, garlicky sauteed mushrooms and grilled orange peppers.

As the lights of Toronto start twinkling in the distance, we savour Lindt dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

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