Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weather is our everything

The last 24 hours, we have been watching the weather on eastern and western Lake Ontario, starting to plan when we'll make our open water run of close to 80 nautical miles from Presqu'ile Bay near Trenton to Frenchman's Bay. We don't like pounding to weather--heading into wind and waves--so for this stage of the cruise we don't want wind out of the west or south.

Today, Thursday, looks like an excellent day to lay down miles as there is only a light breeze from the north, from land, in the forecast. Friday starts getting a bit more windy and maybe not from the right direction all day. Saturday and Sunday, with winds of 15 to 25 knots forecast from the south, ie, building waves all the way from the south shore of Lake Ontario, we do NOT want many miles to cover.

Thus, from Kingston, after a visit to the farmer's market, we plan to run as far as the Trenton area, possibly continuing on to Cobourg to make the Friday shorter.

We'll be back in Frenchman's Bay two days early but cruising without pounding requires flexibility.

Here are the WX sites we consult:

St. Lawrence River
Eastern Lake Ontario
Western Lake Ontario
Toronto Islands. is a site new to us recommended by Mike and Carolyn of the Marine Trader Navigator.

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