Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anecdotes from Portland

Down the dock from At Last! there is a 32-foot Cruisers flying the flag of Trinidad, with its name boldly displayed across the transom:

Full of Seamen

The Admiral cannot resist taking a photo, when we notice there is a family aboard. The Mom explains the name by saying that 95 percent of the time, it is an all-boys boat. The Dad steps forward, as two boys dart off the boat and down the dock. He explains that his father back in Trinidad always refers to his grandsons as seamen, thus, the name for the boat.

The family hails from Ottawa but keep their boat in Portland because of all the great cruising on Big Rideau Lake.


Incidentally, the Captain of At Last! is mighty proud of his Latvian heritage, especially when it’s blonde.


Small world, indeed! At the next dock sits Janbaree II. Jan and Barrie, whom we met in Bermuda and Westport, live in Ottawa but prefer to keep their boat here, in the heart of all the great cruising the Rideau offers. (We cannot believe we did not get a photo of the boat!)


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