Sunday, July 6, 2008

Penultimate port of Golden Horseshoe Cruise

We were so excited by the chance encounter with family on Toronto Islands that we plain forgot to take a photograph of Bill and Terry and their sons, Tyler and Jackson, who were on their way to the Centreville amusement park with friends Phil and Jen and their three daughters.

We were out on our morning walk from Toronto Island Marina where 30 years ago we went boating together for the first time. It was here that the Captain kept the Folkboat Austra, his first sailboat, bright from the water up, and Austra II, his Alberg 22 sailboat, while working on magazines in Toronto and Montreal.

We did not forget to raise the camera when we spotted Indifference, a Marine Trader 44 that crossed the Atlantic long before the first Nordhavn or very many other motorboats had made the passage to Europe. We chatted briefly with the owner, Leonard Stern, who with his wife was on a Golden Horseshoe cruise of their own. We agreed to meet in Frenchman’s Bay in late July when Indifference will be heading to eastern Lake Ontario.

We were tucked away in a corner of the marina near the spot where the Captain gave the Admiral a memorable kiss three decades earlier. A sweet way to end our cruise, before the final leg home to Frenchman’s Bay.

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Judi said...

Nice blog you have here! What, in your estimation, would be the ultimate port of the Golden Horseshoe Cruise?

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