Thursday, September 16, 2010

Much ado about nothing at PCYC

Port Credit Yacht Club is an impressive, visitor-friendly facility just west of Toronto. At Last! is docked in the center left of the photo. Always click on images in our blog for a larger view.

Wednesday September 15 1400 hours
Port Credit Yacht Club

We clear Fifty Point Harbour at 1230 to begin the return leg of the Golden Horseshoe Cruise 2010.

It’s a bumpy ride at the start and the Admiral makes an executive decision to head straight to Port Credit. The original plan was to check out Burlington Bay and the yacht clubs there.

As soon as the Admiral makes the decision and the Captain turns the boat north, the seas calm down and it’s a smooth ride all the way to Port Credit Yacht Club.

The Admiral checks in with the Dockmaster and is elated that we are given two free nights. We are staying in Slip #C5.

Mid-afternoon snack is the chorizo Iberico and smelly Limburger cheese on multi-seed crackers from Costco. We are sitting in the cockpit and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Dinner is a whole-wheat linguine with basil pesto and buttery garlic toast.

Sounds as if we didn’t do much today. Which is exactly what we did. Not much.

The Captain does a double take upon entering Port Credit Yacht Club. There's the Latvian flag flying from Paradize, which is Paradise in Latvian, his mother tongue.

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