Friday, September 18, 2009

We discover breasts!

One large chicken breast on the barbie, that is:

In our house, we normally do not eat chicken breasts as we find them too bland and dry. We're fans of dark meat so chicken thighs are common fare.

Two months ago, we were invited to the home of friends, Kristine and Kip, for dinner. Kristine served chicken breasts—and they were the juiciest, tastiest chicken breasts we've ever eaten. Two weeks ago, when Kristine and Kip were guests aboard At Last!, they brought us a bottle of their house wine, a cabernet-merlot from McWilliam's Wines in southeastern Australia.

Thus, when were shopping at the Block & Cleaver butcher shop in Kingston for meats to grill, we were emboldened to purchase a large chicken breast already marinated by Carl, the butcher. He suggested 30 minutes on the grill at low heat.

Thanks to Kristine and Carl we had quite a feast tucked in behind Wood Isle in the Lake Fleet Islands near Gananoque: juicy chicken breasts, grilled zucchini and yams, and McWilliam's cabernet-merlot. With a spectacular sunset for dessert:

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Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky seadogs! I always love reading of your adventures..the photos are very good to, Hats of to the Admiral and her Captain for sharing. xoxo

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