Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lake Ontario how the Admiral likes it

Daily chores include window washing. Click on any image for a larger view.

1100 Hours
Friday September 10
Port Dalhousie

It’s a hot, sunny morning with clear blue skies on our mooring wall at Centreville.

We spend the morning tidying up the boat, airing the sheets/towels and writing the much-delayed Family and Friends email. We also take a final bike ride to Hanlan’s Point. It’s the last of our bike rides. We have taken our bikes end to end from Ward’s Island to Centre Island and to Hanlan’s Point.
Before any run of more than one hour, we check the oil levels in our Yamaha outboards.

We have lunch of the leftover lemon poach salmon with pita and cucumber slices. We are looking over our shoulders: Any toll collectors?

Nope, no toll collector. So, it’s a free night for us.

This shot of the Centreville ranch is for the horse lover in our extended family, Mara of Sunshine Meadows.

Farewell to Toronto. Excuse the tilt in the horizon. The Captain's hand is less steady than the Admiral's.

It’s a perfect crossing of Lake Ontario for the Admiral as we head out for Port Dalhousie. It’s sunny, calm and smooth all the way. When we arrive, it’s 25C.

In about 80 minutes, we are at Dalhousie Yacht Club. We have several slips to choose from. We take Slip #7 across from the yacht club. It is closer to town but 100 yards from the washroom/showers. The first night is free and additional nights are at 50 cents a foot—which means, for us, all of $12. Laundry facilities are available at $2.50 per wash and dry.

Appetizers are smoked oysters on multi-grain crackers. It’s a warm day, so Bacardi Rum Orange Smoothie Breezer and Bacardi Rum Mojitos are in order.

We can’t seem to get enough beef when we cruise. For dinner, we have a juicy rib steak smothered with cremini mushrooms in a sour cream sauce with tomato slices on the side.

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Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

I get hungry just ready through all the meals. I'm afraid our fare when aboard is nothing like that.

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