Saturday, June 13, 2009

Images of the Rideau Waterway

We're behind in posting reports and photos as it hasn't been easy to access the Internet on the Rideau. WiFi hotspots are few and far between. Here are photos that didn't fit with the text we've posted so far. Don't forget, for a larger view of any photo, click on the image.

Three cats in the first of four locks at Jones Falls where we all overnighted at the end of our first day on the Rideau.

That would be the ticket to have, a cottage on the Rideau Waterway and a float plane to get you there.

We regret not stopping at the Narrows where Sheena II, a ferro-cement trawler yacht, was docked in order to chat up the owners who have been cruising and living aboard for many years.

The waterway narrows as it snakes toward Newboro.

Red right returning ends at Newboro, the highest point between Kingston and Ottawa, when you're southbound.

The ferry in the narrow channel between Indian and Clear Lake is of the push-and-pull variety.

All the essentials are available at Brown's Marina at Chaffey's Lock.

The Captain is thinking: Is there potential for a photo album devoted entirely to sinking boathouses of the Rideau?

In Chaffey's Lock, these octogenarians had us thinking: Is this us in 20 to 30 years?

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