Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A bluesy, beersy reunion at the Lion

After more than 40 years, Ron, Joe and the Captain, are reunited at the Saturday afternoon blues jam at the Lion in Port Dalhousie. Click on any image for a larger view.

2000 Hours
Saturday September 11
Dalhousie Yacht Club

We wake and remember the ninth anniversary of September 11. It is such painful memory in history. We were all affected in some way or another. We pause for a moment of silence.

On a brighter note, it’s another hot, sunny clear day with blue skies. We are sitting in the cockpit sipping our freshly brewed coffee and just purchased butter and cheese croissants. Here it is mid-September and we are in our T-shirts and shorts. Unbelievable!

This afternoon we will meet up with the Captain’s oldest male friend, Joe the Hvil, at the Lion Tavern. Every Saturday afternoon at the Tavern is a blues jam.

Admiral is taking it easy today and the Captain is out exploring in his kayak.

Lunch is a simple carrot and coriander soup with a toasted pita bread.

The Lion Tavern is just a walk up the street from DYC. Mid-afternoon we meet up with Joe and his wife, Barbara. We listen to the Odyssey Blues Band. To the Captain’s surprise, Ron, a long-time photographer with the Niagara Falls Review, shows up at the tavern. The Captain has not seen him in more than 40 years. Ron, now a sprightly 80, is a regular at the blues jam.

The Captain, Joe and Ron all worked together at The Review in the 1970s.

After a terrific concert, we say our goodbyes. The Captain craves a burger. It must because of the extra beer he had for sister-in-law Terry, a Lion regular in her teens.

We head up the street to the Kilt and Clover Pub for an 8-oz Big Blue burger which is topped with Danish Rosenborg blue cheese, mushrooms and carmelized onions. The Admiral has the home-made shepherd’s pie with Sysco cheddar cheese.
At Last! at the Dalhousie Yacht Club docks, bedecked like the cruiser she is with bicycles and a kayak.

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