Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blues, beer and buds

Maria Aurigema (right) was the guitar player and singer who was the guest artist playing with the Odyssey Blues Band at the regular Saturday afternoon jam at the Lion Tavern.

The blues and beer gave us an opportunity to meet up with old friend Joe from Niagara Falls, but, man, was it hot and humid in the 150-year-old tavern!

Besides the blues, the other compelling reason to visit Port Dalhousie is Anna Olson’s Foods & Bakery operated by the Food Network dessert queen.

At lunch, the Admiral had Anna’s All-Time Favourite Sandwich: two thick slices of whole wheat/walnut bread with roasted beef sirloin with lettuce and tomato dressed with caesar. The Captain had sweet pulled pork and red cabbage slaw on a grilled bun. There wasn’t enough pork and too much bun, but the beef sandwich was tasty. We were surprised the tomatoes tasted like winter tomatoes from Mexico, and that none of the hired help knew whether we were eating focaccia or ciabatta.

We couldn’t leave Anna’s without a sampler-to-go of her famous desserts: homemade butter tarts, triple chocolate brownie and chocolate fudge almond square.

At our slip near the breakwater, we were visited by geese, ducks, gulls and a host of other birds.

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