Friday, September 18, 2009

A new favorite in the 1000 Islands

Stovin Island near Brockville is the first or last of the 1000 Islands—depending whether you're traveling from east or the west. We love the place!

We pulled up to a dock in a small cove where the island is at it's narrowest. Through the trees, we could watch out for ship traffic passing through the Brockville Narrows. On our own side of Stovin, we looked out on the broad river, steadily moving toward the sea at two to three knots.

Stovin was especially memorable as it was the first time in the history of his life that the Captain grilled burgers. And what a treat they were, topped with an aged cheddar from nearby St. Albert!

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Carol said...

I have always like the C Dory.. have been following with Bill and El. Unfortunately they were out of our price range. I've never seen the inside of the TomCat..they look pretty neat also.

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