Friday, August 21, 2015

Hunt for Red Lobster/The Cruise

Yes, there is fog in Maine. (Click on any image in the blog for a larger view.)

Joan Kessler keeps eyes and ears open as Spirit of Zopilote carefully crosses Penobscot Bay.
Bruce Kessler often gets all the credit for the circumnavigation with Zopilote and the now 18 years of cruising with Spirit of Zopilote, but. in reality, he and Joan are very much a team, an inspiration for other cruising couples to see in action together.
The light guarding the entrance to the large harbour at Rockland.

Our itinerary took us to all the nicest places on the coast of Maine: Southwest Harbor, Frenchboro at Lunt Harbor, Buck's Harbour, Camden, Rockland, Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island, and back to Southwest Harbor.
Yes, there is fog in Maine.
Lobster boats—and lobster pots—are everywhere.
For inland sailors, to see so many pretty work boats in action was a special treat.
OK, OK, here is one more.
Clipper-rigged windjammers offer cruises out of many ports in Maine.
Spirit of Zopilote and windjammers anchored in wonderful Buck's Harbour.
Maine men at work. It is said women make the best deck hands on lobster boats.

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