Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From HCYC to QCYC via a failed attempt to Med moor

At Harbour City Yacht Club, we are tucked into the trees at the club house on Centre Island. Click on any image for a larger view.

1330 Hours
Wednesday September 8
Queen City Yacht Club

We spend the morning at Harbour City Yacht Club as Captain catches up on email. Lunch is a garden salad with artisanal ham and Breezy Ayr and Thornloe Casey Blue cheese.
Our lunch salad features Breezy Ayr from Vermont and Thornloe Casey Blue from Ontario.

Our plan is to anchor out behind Forestry Island with the two other sailboats from Whitby. Our first attempt is to drop anchor at the bow and go stern in, but it is too rocky and shallow for our twin Yamaha outboards. On our second attempt, we drop anchor by the stern and go in bow first. From one of the sailboats, the skipper, who hails from Cape Breton, takes our line and wraps it around the man-made pole on shore. An earlier cruiser has left a plank for us to use between land and boat. Wobbly, but it gets us ashore. Carrying the bikes ashore may be problematic.
Lovely anchorage, but . . .

We turn the engines off. After about 15 minutes, we notice that At Last! is drifting ashore. The anchor is not holding. There is too much weed here. Captain decides we should untie ourselves from the shore, bring in the anchor and go to Queen City Yacht Club. The winds are blowing and the water is choppy, but we make it to QCYC with our kayak Finally! still on the roof along with our two bikes tied to the rail on the foredeck.

We are told by Don Ferguson, QCYC manager, that we don’t have reciprocal privileges but are given the night free regardless. We will check with Fairport Yacht Club on our return.

With the rocking and rolling on the slip, it’s bistro dinner tonight: duck cretonnade from Quebec, and see-it-again Breezy Ayr and Thornloe Casey Blue cheese.

It’s not all fair skies and flat seas but we are happy to be here.

From our slip at Queen City Yacht Club, we have a great view of the Toronto skyline—and a strong wind out of the northwest.

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