Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WiFi at the dock (!) in Smiths Falls

A historic lift bridge locked in the open position marks our arrival in Smiths Falls, halfway between Kingston and Ottawa on the Rideau Waterway.

5 June 2009, 1630 hours, Smiths Falls

Before we depart Westport, we pick up another French baguette at Westport Bakery, assorted Swiss-style chocolate and hazelnut cookies, plus two still very warm sausage rolls.

At Poonamalie Lock, we notice a sailboat (above), called Different, that has been converted for boating canals and inland waterways. It does not have a mast but has a long canopy over the cockpit. The owners are Mike Kingsmill, the former Commodore of Frenchman’s Bay Yacht club, and his wife, Lynne. Another small coincidence: He knows Ed Fulton, our condo neighbour, whom he affectionately calls “Fast Eddie.” When we return home, we’ll have to ask Ed what that means.

We arrive in Smiths Falls, dock at Victoria Park and cannot believe there is WiFi at the slip and hot showers. Three days straight with showers, and WiFi, unbelievable!

Lunch: fresh baguette, genoa salami, hot-house tomatoes and cucumbers.

Dinner: smoked ham steaks with stir-fry red peppers, zucchini and mushrooms, with a cabernet-merlot blend from Banrock Station.

No, the WWII trainer is not flying low over At Last! It's mounted at the Victoria Park RV Park and Marina.

The nearby Comfort Inn is the reason we have WiFi on the dock at Smiths Falls.

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