Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hunt for Red Lobster/More on the Cruise

Spirit of Zopilote in Camden, Maine. Click on any image for a larger view.
The harbor at Camden has its own waterfall.
Camden is the epicentre of windjammer cruises in Maine.
They start 'em fishing young in Maine.
We make our way through the tricky—and today foggy—passage into Seal Bay, one of the nicest anchorages in Maine.
In front of North Haven, we spot the Nordhavn 47 Bluewater owned and cruised by good friends Milt and Judy Baker.
In Seal Bay, between Hay and Davids islands, is our intended anchorage.
The pin is pulled on the mighty anchor aboard Spirit of Zopilote.
The experienced captain's routine: Once the anchor is set, plan the route for the next day so the departure can happen at any time—with outbound waypoints at the ready.
Great fun to raft up briefly with the Fleming 55 Pursuit and to meet Gary Jobson, a guest aboard. Next week he'll be off to Sable Island to make a documentary on the iconic island off Nova Scotia's coast.
Bluewater enters Seal Bay and sets her anchor nearby.
Judy Baker prepared a magnificent feast aboard Bluewater. So good to renew acquaintances.
Spirit of Zopilote on the hook in Seal Bay as the fog begins to close in again.
The single 300-horsepower Cummins NT855-M dominates the engine room and easily propels the 165,000-pound trawler yachts at 9 knots.
Joan at the helm as we begin the approach to Southwest Harbor and the end of our cruise.
Bruce called ahead to Grumpy's so Grumpy and wife Stacy would have fresh lobster available for departing guests.
Could there be a more fitting conclusion to Hunt for Red Lobster?

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