Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lake like glass for run to Port Credit

Not a ripple on the water, barely a breathe of wind, with only whisps of cloud in the blue sky. For the Admiral, it was boating in heaven.

The fierce midsummer sun saw the Captain slather on the sun block.

In the perfect conditions for powerboating, we took our time, throttled back and enjoyed the 18-mile passage from Stoney Creek to Port Credit which lies 11 miles west of Toronto.

No, it’s not a steel ship threatening to run us down . . .

. . . but the grounded freighter Ridgetown forming a breakwater at the mouth of the Credit River to protect the huge Port Credit Harbour Marina. (That's the Toronto skyline at right.) We were headed to the inner harbour and the much more cozy Credit Village Marina.

At the Snug Harbour Seafood Bar & Grill (above left) which overlooks the marina we had a surprisingly fine dinner of calamari, salmon and halibut nuggets, bouillabaisse and grillled jumbo shrimp, while seated at a table on the patio.

A bourbon chocolate pecan pie brought the meal to a close on a high note.

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