Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yes, we find local fresh fish!

As we cruised east on the Bay of Quinte, every time we consulted our Ports Cruising Guide we were reminded how excellent fishing is in these waters. By the time we turned south on Long Reach and into Hay Bay to anchor behind Ram Island, we were salivating for local fresh fish.

Emails to several friends in Prince Edward County came back negative. No one seemed to know where local fish could be had, no one except Peta Shelton in Picton. She suggested we try Kendall Dewey.

Eureka! Kendall tells us on the telephone he has pickerel and yellow perch available. A $30-cab ride later we have in hand a pound of pickerel for one night, a pound of yellow perch for the next.
Here’s Kendall with our fillet of pickerel, which we grilled for about 15 minutes on medium heat along with red peppers and zucchini. Just salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil on the fish. The Admiral had hers without butter, the Captain tried his with butter. Either way, it was divine. Chilled estate-bottled pinot gris from The Grange of Prince Edward was the perfect beverage for the feast.

When we leave Picton Harbour this morning for Waupoos and head east on Adolphus Reach, we’ll watch for black flags marking Kendall’s nets where the pickerel was harvested.

We tried the yellow perch, first with butter on a pan on the grill (rather than the stove which would have heated and smelled up the interior of At Last!).
Then we tried the perch on a seafood tray on the grill. Both ways with salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil. The Admiral preferred the light grilled flavour while the Captain liked his pan-fried in butter. It was hot day with the temp still at 29C at seven o’clock in the evening so the Captain poured delightful Sullyzwicker Red from Rosehall Run Vineyards on ice.

So, if you’re boating near Picton, or live in the County, Kendall Dewey is your source of local fresh and frozen fish. Call him at 613.476.7546. He’ll give you directions to his camp on Elmbrook Road near Picton. Kendall supplies fish to local restaurants such as Blumen, East & Main and the Picton Golf & Country Club.

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