Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At Last! reprovisions in Picton

We enter Picton Harbour by boat for the very first time, after seeing it from land countless times since the early 1990s.

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Unexpectedly, we encounter At Last again, as the owners depart as we arrive. The weather must have forced a change of plans as they told us Cobourg was their destination when we met in Trenton a week earlier.
Picton Harbour Inn, our home away from home during The Great Canadian Cheese Festival on the first weekend in June.
The Captain’s heart always skips a beat at the sight of a trimaran, this one called Sulis docked in front of the town houses at the head of Picton Bay.
Home-made Amberjack catches our eye: Maximum of space in minimum of length.
The self-important captain of a visiting tall ship figured he did not have to pay overnight docking fees at Picton Harbour Marina as he was doing interviews with local media.
At Last! all alone in Tip of the Bay Marina on the eve of Labour Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am the self-important Captain of the S.T.V. St. Lawrence II! I'm happy that you've felt so at ease making your defamatory remarks about my personality as you so clearly have the background to be able to make your accusations against both myself and the boat.

We are a not-for-profit youth sail training organization who have run year to year on shoe string budgets since 1953. We've done this while still meeting and surpassing Transport Canada regulations and keeping the boat and the program afloat so that we can continue offering youth from all backgrounds a chance to challenge themselves and grow as individuals. In order to do this we need to save money where we can - like the $110 dollar overnight dockage fee that the County of Prince Edward was so kind as to wave for us at the public wharf.

Also, we were not talking to the media, our education director was discussing future visits to Picton with representatives of Prince Edward County.

Again, thanks for your kind words of support!

Chris Chafe,
S.T.V. St. Lawrence II

Unknown said...

Hello across pond in Picton, I'm in central Europe and % desperate to find the trimaran SULIS that is currently forsale ( 11.11.19)
Can anyone please help to locate sulis owners,i know sulis has been drydock under cover storage for long time.
My name is Adriano Archer ,with best regards fishing in Picton

Unknown said...


Email us

waterworld @ rogers . com