Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eating well aboard At Last!

As usual when we cruise, we’re enjoying fine meals aboard At Last! such as this plate of grilled shrimp with red peppers, zucchini and cremini shrooms.
We’re still trying to perfect grilling steak on our small Magma. With this T-bone we tried 3 and 3 minutes, with the first minute at high heat and the rest at medium. Liberal use of Barberian’s Steak Seasoning added a nice touch. Next time we’ll try 5 minutes in total to deliver the beef a tad less than medium rare.
A special treat was this fabulous butter tart made by Mary Wood, the pastry chef at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens in Toronto. We warmed it on the barbie wrapped in foil.
Sunset ends a wonderful day on the hook in Sandy Cove on the Bay of Quinte near Belleville, Ontario. Our plan is to slowly cruise around Prince Edward County where, every June, we organize The Great Canadian Cheese Festival.

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