Friday, October 7, 2011

On the hook

A cormorant gives At Last! the once-over. Click on any image for a larger view.

As much as I like leaving miles in my wake and arriving in a new destination, going nowhere in an anchorage suits me fine, too.

At Last! is anchored in 20 feet in a lagoon on the Leslie Street Spit within sight of downtown Toronto. Although the skyline is visible, all is quiet in the anchorage as the sun begins to set.

Two muskrats, looking fat and ready for winter, cruise by. A lone cormorant, from the colony that calls the place home, comes by for a look-see. Four men sweep into the lagoon for a rest before continuing on with their at-dusk workout in a coxed four. Through the trees, I can see a large ocean-going ship, all lights lit, entering Toronto Harbour from who knows where.

I sit still and watch the reds and purples in the sky turn deeper and darker. I sip a Kilikanoon Shiraz, content to wait until the scene disappears in darkness before I turn on the cabin lights and start supper.

Sausage three ways is on the menu: Mediterranean, Sweet Tuscan and English Banger.

In the morning, I’m reminded that might makes right. A rude tugboat captain forces me to raise anchor and move 50 yards so he can have easy access to another lagoon where some sort of construction is taking place.
Muskrats on a cruise.
Rowers working out at dusk.
So close yet so far.
Tug William Rest.

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